The 7 Best Stocks to Buy Before 2021

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The pandemic has completely changed our day-to-day lives in some strange ways.

Major films are skipping theaters and going straight to Netflix

Video game tournaments (called esports) are being aired on ESPN

And people are having first, second, and third dates on Zoom.

Of course the companies playing a role in this digital transformation are making out like bandits.

Over the last few months:


Grubhub grew by 150%.


Peloton grew by 257%.


Zoom grew by 291%!

But while you may have missed out on investing in those companies…

That’s OK…

Because the changes we’ve seen so far aren’t going away anytime soon.

And they’re going to continue long after the country is “back to normal.”

  • 74% of companies expect at least some of their employees to keep working remotely after the pandemic is over.
  • 15 major retailers have filed for bankruptcy and up to 25,000 stores are expected to close. Ecommerce is the only thing that can fill that gap.
  • Esports is now the fastest-growing sports industry in the world. By 2022, it’s projected to be bigger than the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA combined.


Shutting Down the Country Has Fast-Forwarded Us 10 Years Into the Future

And as Americans continue to work remotely…

Do all their shopping online…

And make gaming the new national pastime…

Seven companies are going to be the ones that make it all possible.

They essentially hold the keys to the future… giving them everything they need to see a major windfall.

Which means that investing in them now could be the easy way to make a fortune in the next few months.

And you can find them all in this free report. You’re going to see:

  • Why Forbes calls one company the “biggest threat to Amazon.” It’s famous for making $1 billion in 85 seconds… and it still has plenty of room to grow.

  • How two stocks have become the most important tools for remote employees. Virtually every business with remote workers is going to need them.

  • The technology company that is about to enter the healthcare space… analysts say it could add $300 billion to their revenue.

  • How you can get one of the world’s most valuable stocks at a potentially massive discount right now… and why it’s expected to bounce back fast.

  • Plus – the multi-billion dollar company that’s quickly taking over the cannabis industry… a market projected to hit $39 billion in three years.

These seven stocks could be the most valuable investments you make this year.

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