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The Best Stocks to Buy in This Crashing Market

Some economists have already declared us to be in the middle of a recession.

It’s easy to see why. The DOW has just seen its worst drop in history, and there’s no reason to think things will get better until the pandemic is over.

And frankly…

We have no idea when that will be.

The point here is not to scare you. Rather, it’s to show you that the financial decisions you make now are more important than ever.

Because investors everywhere are making two huge mistakes.

1. They’re “Waiting It Out”

While it’s true that the market will eventually bounce back… the stocks you own might not.

This is a situation unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Tourism, travel, and hospitality are essentially shutdown. Even the baseball season has been delayed.

Some companies may never recover. Others may even go bankrupt.

And their investors won’t see a penny.

2. They’re Hoarding Cash

But hoarding cash isn’t an answer either.

Because there are companies that will bounce back. Their stocks will reach their old prices and could soar even higher.

And here’s how to identify them… and buy them cheap.

There are seven industries we consider “essential.” That means they’re so important to our daily life and economy that analysts believe they are nearly guaranteed to continue to grow.

So whenever the market bounces – companies in these industries will probably be the first to see their stock prices soar.

Our analysts have identified the best stock in each industry. These seven stocks have the largest short- and long-term profit potential in the market today.

We’ve included them all in this free report. You’ll see stocks like:

  • The up-and-coming retail company Forbes says has “a better formula for success” than Amazon. (Our Senior Analyst calls it “one of the single greatest wealth opportunities of our lifetime.”)
  • A dividend stock with a 12% yield. Already an impressive income source – it’s undergoing a restructuring that could grow its stock price six times higher.
  • The one defense firm with rock-solid fundamentals. We expect to see its numbers shoot straight up as it’s likely to win contract after contract from the Pentagon’s $57.7 billion aircraft budget.
  • Plus – the powerhouse stock that’s moving into health care. Already one of the world’s top companies… Morgan Stanley predicted that moving into health care could add up to $313 billion to its revenue every year.

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