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Former Hedge Fund Manager Reveals His 23 Must Have Stocks for 2021

By Money Morning Staff Reports

It’s rare for a hedge fund manager to step away from Wall Street at the height of his career…

But Shah Gilani did exactly that.

He made a fortune from running two successful hedge funds…

And is now using every skill and connection he ever made…

To show regular people how they could make a small fortune in the stock market in 2021

By blowing the lid off the financial industry’s best-kept plans.

Learn Shah Gilani’s Money-Making Strategy!

Discover Some of Wall Street’s BIGGEST Bets


The data management company Vanguard has gone “all in” on by buying 24 million shares


The international software company BlackRock has accumulated seven million shares of…

All told, Shah has named 23 stocks he thinks you should consider buying ASAP – before this year ends.

Plus, 12 popular stocks you shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole….

It’s all revealed in this video.

But be quick…

It probably won’t take long for Wall Street to set their plan into motion.

Give yourself a shot at profiting off in 2021…

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