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The Proven Way You Can Beat the S&P by 409%

There’s something crucial missing from all mainstream financial advice

It doesn’t make any difference for the average investor who’s happy making 2.6% on their money every year. But for anyone who wants to build real wealth, it’s a death sentence.

The problem?

It’s so focused on keeping you out of trouble that it doesn’t even try to “swing for the fences.”

You’ll never lose more than the average investor, but you probably won’t ever see the massive gains or fortunes the market can bring.

However, if you can tune out the noise of the mainstream gurus and their “advice,” you could do much better than the average investor – as in four times better – and all without taking big risks.

My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald, and I’ve been showing everyday Americans how to retire richer and earlier for 37 years. In fact, my readers have seen returns of up to 102% in just two weeks.

And today, I’m going to share the most powerful investment strategy I ever created…

A Hands-Free Way You Can 4X the Market.

A few years ago, I put my decades of experience to the ultimate test.

I wanted to design a strategy that could help everyday Americans finally see life-changing results from investing in the market.

And it had to be easy for regular people. Which meant I wasn’t allowed to constantly monitor my portfolio or do any complicated trading strategies.

So I picked 11 investments. Then, I tracked how they would have performed from August 1, 2000, to October 1, 2018.

Plus, I only gave my portfolio a quick touch-up once a year.

The end result?

Well the S&P returned 103.36% during the testing period. That’s certainly not bad… but it’s nothing compared to the 512.64% my system could have achieved.

That’s a 4X advantage!

And if you start using it today, it could be…

One of the Biggest Moneymaking Opportunities of 2020.

The S&P grew by 22% in 2019 alone, and 2020 is projected to be another record-breaking year…

Which means that using my strategy now could bring you an 88% return – maybe more.

Since my goal is to show every American I can how to reach financial freedom, I’ve broken down the entire strategy in this special report.

I’ll run you through it step by step. Plus, I’ve included some bonuses that could help you make 2020 the most profitable year you’ve ever had. Bonuses like…

  • The eight absolute best investments you can make for 2020
  • The easy way to avoid the “Investing Kryptonite” that ruins most investments
  • Six Unstoppable Trends that are highly likely to keep delivering returns for years to come.

Investing is still the best and most reliable way to build life-changing wealth. With this report, you’ll have everything you need to do it.

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To a year of wealth,

Keith Fitz-Gerald
Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

I have to say Keith has offered me more ways to invest, to safeguard my stocks and options. I have not had this success with my other brokers.”
Margaret E.
“Roughly $5200 in profit which is a 205% gain!”
Brendan F.
“I sold my entire stake in CannTrust after you recommended shorting the stock. Since then I have watched it go down slowly. Many thanks, your advice allowed me to get out of CannTrust while the going was good. Made around $2,000”
Don J.

About the Author

Keith Fitz-Gerald is one of the most widely read market experts on the planet. Every month, he uses his 37 years of experience as a trading expert and analyst to help over 750,000 individuals with their goal of growing and protecting their wealth. He was one of the few people to foresee both the dot-com crash and the 2008-2009 global financial crisis and helped his subscribers get through both of them. Today, Keith is in high demand as a regular guest on Fox Business, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg, and BNN. His market predictions have been featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Forbes.com, MarketWatch, and Money Morning.