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This is BIG.

For the first time ever, legendary ex-hedge fund manager Shah Gilani is pulling back the curtain on his investing secrets.

He’s agreed to show everyday investors NEW opportunities every single week.

But this Weekly Stock Watchlist won’t just give you the names and the tickers for each of these companies…

No, he’s also agreed to show you exactly how you should play each and every one of them – step by step. 

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Preparing for profits is as simple as…

On Sunday, you will receive the Weekly Stock Watchlist with stocks and trending sectors that Shah will be watching for that week.

These are the top stocks he’s pinpointed, revealing the road map that’ll give you an advantage over other investors and put you on the track for potential returns.

On Monday, you’ll get all of Shah’s best research – a deep dive into every detail of the stocks on his Watchlist…

It may be the best small caps… or momentum stocks…

Tech, biotech, cannabis stocks, electric vehicles, clean energy…

No sector is off limits to help you get potential profits.

Every week, you will find out something new about investing and which great stocks are trading at insane discounts.

On Tuesday, you will get a new recommendation and exactly how to play this opportunity for potential profits.

Shah is going to tell you exactly which stocks to buy, the prices, and the potential returns

And sometimes, how to play these opportunities with options.

You’ll receive all the details in your inbox.

By following Shah every week, you will never miss out on potential profits.

And you can talk to Shah and send him your questions every week…

Just send your message to and they may be featured in next week’s Watchlist.

Special Bonus: The Best 23 Stocks to Buy Now in America (And 12 to Avoid)

Shah is revealing the stocks that aren’t on your radar yet that have incredible profit potential

These are going to be stocks that…

  • Have a growing business in a large market and are already making a lot of money…
  • Have few or no competitors or a unique unbreakable competitive advantage…
  • Are profitable and have either low or no debt – meaning they can survive any economic downturn…
  • Have all indicators pointing to the fact that they’ll continue trading at value-level prices over the next few weeks…
  • And in some cases, pay absolutely fabulous, fat dividends – meaning they pay you just to hold the stock…

Plus, you’ll see the stocks that every American should be avoiding – hands down, don’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.

You just need a pen and a paper to get all the ticker symbols and get started…

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Meet Shah Gilani. 

Shah Gilani is the chief investment strategist of Money Morning.

You’ve probably seen him as a regular guest on the Fox News show Varney & Co. – the number-one rated market program on TV. 

The former hedge fund manager – with more than 30 years on the market – is mostly known for making predictions.

In fact, Stuart Varney calls him the “man who calls it all.” 

And most famously, he called the biggest stock run in history… back when the Dow was at 11,000.

He called the DOW going to 15,000, 17,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000, 23,000, 26,000, 27,000… all the way to 30,000. 

And now, every week, Shah is letting you know the best opportunities on the market.

What People Are Saying About Shah…

100% gains in one week, you are simply the best!

Nelda R.

186% in 2 weeks! Very excellent, so happy, you did a very good job, Shah.

Tom S.

100% returns in four weeks. Shah is a wonderful blessing.

Robert D.

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