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<strong>Keith Fitz-Gerald: </strong><em>Chief Investment Strategist</em>
Keith Fitz-Gerald: Chief Investment Strategist

37-year seasoned market analyst and professional trader with highly accurate track record. Specialty in global markets.

Dr. Kent Moors:<strong> </strong><em>Global Energy Strategist</em>
Dr. Kent Moors: Global Energy Strategist

35- year expert in oil and gas policy, risk assessment, and emerging market economic development.

Shah Gilani: <em>Capital Wave Strategist</em>
Shah Gilani: Capital Wave Strategist

30-year CBOE trader, market maker, and retired hedge fund honcho. Helped launch the Volatility Index in 1993.

Michael Robinson<strong>: </strong><em>Defense + Tech Specialist</em>
Michael Robinson: Defense + Tech Specialist

30-year veteran of tech markets with a Rolodex of Silicon Valley CEOs. Pulitzer nominee. Uncovered rate earths crisis.

William Patalon III<strong>: </strong><em>Executive Editor</em>
William Patalon III: Executive Editor

30-year veteran analyst of business, economics and financial markets. Award-winning author of “Contrarian Investing”

Chris Johnson<strong>: </strong><em>Quantitative Specialist</em>
Chris Johnson: Quantitative Specialist

Prominent quant with 23-year career in equity and options research and analysis.

 D.R. Barton, Jr.<strong>: </strong><em>Technical Trading Specialist</em>
D.R. Barton, Jr.: Technical Trading Specialist

Nationally recognized technical trader. Background in engineering, system designs, and risk reduction. 26 years in the markets.

 Tom Gentile<strong>: </strong><em>America's No. 1 Pattern Trader</em>
Tom Gentile: America’s No. 1 Pattern Trader

Tom is one of the world’s foremost authorities on stock, futures and options trading.

Tim Melvin<strong>: </strong><em>Special Situation Strategist</em>
Tim Melvin: Special Situation Strategist

Managed money for some of the world’s wealthiest people for 30 years. Top authority on retirement strategies and wealth-building techniques.

Garrett Baldwin<strong>: </strong><em>Behavioral Trading Specialist</em>
Garrett Baldwin: Behavioral Trading Specialist

Globally recognized research economist, financial writer, and consultant. Seasoned financial and political risk analyst, with a focus on equities, hedge funds, private equity, blockchain, and housing policy.

Andrew Keene<strong>: </strong><em>Millionaire Trader</em>
Andrew Keene: Millionaire Trader

Andrew Keene is a globally known trader and a renowned expert on all things options.

 Don Yocham<strong>: </strong><em>Director of Cannabis Investing Research</em>
Don Yocham: Director of Cannabis Investing Research

25-year market veteran who has managed investors’ money at firms with assets under management ranging from $250 million up to $16 billion..